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Fiss piste rules

logo1. Consideration for others
Every piste user must always behave in a manner that does not harm or endanger others.

2. Controlling speed and manner of skiing
Every piste user must adapt their speed and manner of skiing to their ability and to weather and terrain conditions.

3. Choice of lane
The piste users approaching from behind must choose their lane in such a way that they do not endanger the piste user travelling in front of them.

4. Overtaking
You may overtake from above or below, from the right or the left, but should always keep a sufficient distance to allow the piste user who is being overtaken enough room to manoeuvre.

5. Responsibilities of the lower piste user who is crossing over
Every piste user who wants to come into a downhill ski run or cross (traverse) the piste terrain, must first look up and down to make sure that they can do so without endangering themselves or others. The same applies after every stop..

6. Pausing on the descent
Every piste user must avoid stopping at tight or blind spots on a downhill run unless in an emergency. A piste user who has fallen must vacate the trail as quickly as possible..

7. Ascent
The ascending piste user must only use the edge of a downhill run, vacating it when visibility is poor. The same applies to the piste user who is descending on foot.

8. Observing the signs
Every piste user must observe the signs (marking and information signs) on the downhill runs.

9. Conduct in cases of accident
Everyone is obliged to render assistance in cases of accident..

10. Disclosure in cases of accident
Reporting the accident. Everyone must give their personal particulars in cases of accident, regardless of whether or not they are responsible, a witness or directly involved.

Before reporting the accident have replies to the following questions ready:

  • Who is reporting it?
  • Where did the accident happen and from where was it reported?
  • What happend, when? - a short description, number of injured, type of injuries
  • Is it possible to land by helicopter, where?
  • Weather in the accident area: "bright" or "overcast", cloud height, wind direction and strength, visibility in metres, type of snow, ...

Download piste rules (pdf)